Kagoshima Airport

Step 1: Check-in (Boarding Procedures)

Departure route jac counter

Departure route ANA counter

Check in at the airline counter on the 1st floor.
Please complete check-in procedures at your airline's counter or at a self-service check-in machine.
Please arrive early to complete check-in procedures as it may take some time due to the security check process
If you have already checked in and do not need to check baggage, please proceed to the departure security checkpoint on the 2nd floor.
Please note each airline has a different check-in procedure.
Link to airline list page

Step 2: Security Check (Security Inspection)

出発の流れ セキュリティチェック

2nd Floor Departure Gate/Security Checkpoint
Baggage and body screening will be conducted. Please present your boarding pass and other required documents.
Baggage to be carried on board will be passed through an X-ray machine, and passengers will go through the metal machine gate one by one.
※Small items (keys, wallets, cell phones, etc.) should be placed in your carry-on baggage or put out on a tray before passing through the X-ray machine.
※Drinks in PET Bottles or insulated bottles may be carried on board but must be placed on a tray and passed through the X-ray machine.
※Please take off coats, jackets, and other types of outer wear in advance, place them on the tray, and pass them through the X-ray machine.

Step 3: Boarding

出発の流れ 搭乗

Boarding gate on the 2nd floor
Please proceed to the boarding gate after confirming the boarding gate number and destination on your boarding pass.
At the boarding gate, follow the guidance of the airline staff.