Kagoshima Airport

Sora Stage

A gateway to dreams with the sky as their canvas.

At Sora Stage, we offer a variety of aviation displays that illustrate the concept of "an airport everyone can enjoy."
The displays include an introduction to the history of Kagoshima Airport and the airlines it currently hosts, as well as displays & model planes depicting world-famous aircraft.
We also have on display lifesize engine & wing parts, providing a rare opportunity to get a hands-on sense of the true size of these enormous aircraft.
Experience the trails of dreams & ambition drawn by aircraft in their wakes and the true scale of these magnificent machines at Sora Stage. It's sure to spark your curiosity and provide a welcome respite until your departure & farewells.

Hours of operation



3rd floor observation deck, south side
*Entrances are next to the departure entrance in the 2nd floor lobby and inside Gallery Friendly on the 3rd floor.


Free for all visitors.

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