Kagoshima Airport

Frequently Asked Questions

Aircraft, Flights

I want to know about flight times/status.

You can check flight times and status on the respective airline's home page, or under today's flight information on the Kagoshima Airport Building's home page.

I want to know about seating availability.

Please check the respective airline's home page.

I want to know about carry-on/checked baggage.

Please check the respective airline's home page.

Lost Articles

I lost something in the airport.

【Articles Lost in Airport】
Safety and Disaster Prevention Center, Kagoshima Airport Building TEL:0995-73-3332
※ Please note that we are unable to deliver to you any items you accidentally left behind.

I lost something on the plane.

【Articles Lost on Aircraft】Please direct inquires to the respective airline.
 [JAL・JAC・JEX]→Contact Us
 [ANA]→Contact Us
  [SNA]→Contact Us
 [SKY]→Contact Us
 [Korean Air]→Contact Us
【Other】Airport Police Box TEL:0995-58-2741

Parking Lots

I want to know about parking fees.

Please see "Access: For Visitors Arriving by Car"for fees for the parking lot in front of the Airport Terminal Building, services, and other information.

I want to know about disabled parking spaces.

Please see "For Disabled Visitors: Disabled Parking Spaces."

Airport Facilities

Terminal Opening/Closing Times

Opens 6:20
Closes 21:40(Terminal closing time is subject to change based on airplane flight status.)

Opening/Closing Times for Shops and Restaurants

Opening times for each shop and restaurant are listed below.
6:40-(Family Mart 6:20-)
【1st/2nd Floor Restaurants】
6:40-(1st Floor Food Court Wing 10:00-/2nd Floor Airport Yamakataya Ramen Corner 9:30-)
【3rd Floor Restaurant Area】

Can I bring a pet into the airport?

Assistance dogs--including guide dogs, hearing dogs, and service dogs--may enter the airport accompanied by their owner. Bringing pets or other animals into the airport is prohibited under airport management regulations. We ask for your understanding and cooperation in this matter. Pets to be checked as baggage may be brought into the airport in a cage. We ask that such pets be checked at their respective airline counters promptly.

Airport Service Facilities

Is it possible to borrow a wheelchair or stroller?

Wheelchairs and strollers have been placed at every entrance. Please feel free to use them. For more information, please see "Facilities Information: For Disabled Visitors"』 or "Facilities Information: For Visitors Traveling with Children."

Do you have an ATM/bank/post office?

Yes. For more information, please see "Facilities Information: Money/Currency Exchange."

I want to know more about the bus terminal.

Bus stop numbers and their respective destinations are listed below.
[#0 stop]Makurazaki・Kaseda・Kajiki・Makurazaki
[#1 stop]Ibusuki・Taniyama・Kumamoto
[#2 stop]Kagoshima City
[#3 stop]Kirishima・Kushikino・Sendai・Izumi・Akune・Okuchi・Minamata・Myoken
[#4 stop]Kanoya・Tarumizu・Kokubu・Shibushi・Iwagawa
For more information, please see "For Visitors Using Public Transportation."

Do you have coin lockers?

There is a coin locker area in both the domestic and international terminals. For more information, please see "Facilities Information: Parcel Delivery/Coin Lockers."

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