Kagoshima Airport

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Bus Stop Information

There are five bus stops located outside Entrance 3, which is closest to the Domestic Arrivals Exit. You can also purchase tickets and get various discounts at the bus information desk.
Buses run from Kagoshima Airport to various locations within the prefecture and to destinations outside the prefecture (Fukuoka, Kumamoto※reservation required). The approximate time required to reach major destinations is approximately 40 minutes to Kagoshima Chuo JR Station, approximately 100 minutes to central Kanoya, and approximately 70 minutes to Sendai JR Station.

bus route

Bus stop Bus stop
Bus Stop Destination
Kagoshima City(Chuo Station・Tenmonkan・Jet foil terminal・Yoshino)
Kurino・Okuchi・Minamata・Kirishima Onsenkyo・Miyanojo・Izumi・Akune・Kamou・Sendai
Kanoya・Tarumizu・Iwagawa・Shibushi・Kokubu・Kyocera Kokubu・Myokenonsen・Hayato

Bus-related inquiries

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※For questions regarding bus service, including bus schedules & routes, please contact the bus company directly.
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Destination Operating bus company
Kagoshima City(Chuo Station・Tenmonkan・Jet foil terminal・Yoshino) Kagoshima Kotsu  Nangoku Kotsu
Bus Reservation Sitehighwaybus.com
Kyushu Sanko  Nangoku Kotsu  Kagoshima Kotsu
Taniyama Kagoshima Kotsu 
Ibusuki Kagoshima Kotsu
Kirishima Onsenkyo Kagoshima Kotsu
Kurino,Okuchi,Minamata Nangoku Kotsu
Kamou,Sendai Nangoku Kotsu
Miyanojo,Izumi,Akune Nangoku Kotsu
Kanoya Kagoshima Kotsu
Tarumizu Kagoshima Kotsu
Iwagawa,Shibushi Kagoshima Kotsu
Kokubu,Kyocera Kokubu Kagoshima Kotsu
Kaseda,Makurazaki Kagoshima Kotsu
Kajiki,Aira Nangoku Kotsu
Myoken Onsen,Hayato Kagoshima Kotsu
Bus Reservation Sitehighwaybus.com
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