Kagoshima Airport

Oyattosa natural hot spring foot baths

Enjoy the cozy warmth of Kagoshima's natural hot spring foot baths.

"Oyattosa" means "you've worked hard" or "you deserve a break" in Kagoshima dialect.
To help publicize the benefits of Kagoshima's famous hot springs, Kagoshima Airport offers natural hot spring foot baths that allow anyone to have a taste of the hot springs experience.

Please refer to the Oyattosa PDF for details.
【Publication content】
・Foot bath profile
・Hot spring water qualities, ailments treated, & more

Outline for Oyattosa(oyatto_info.pdf)(English)

Oyattosa original towels, 200 yen On sale at the foot baths and the 1st floor Tourism & General Information Office!

Hours of operation

*Please be aware that hours may change seasonally.


1st floor, in front of the avenue; beside the #3 entryway


Free for all visitors.

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