Kagoshima Airport

To visitors arriving by car

Kagoshima Airport parking lot information

Airport parking

Hours of operation

24-hour service

Fee chart

Parking hours Charge for standard-sized cars Charge for two-wheeled vehicles
Up to 2 hrs. 0 Yen 0 Yen
2 to 12 hrs. add 100yen per every 1hrs.. add 60yen per every 1hrs..
12 to 24 hrs. 1000 Yen 600 Yen
Over 24 hrs. add 500yen per every 12hrs.. add 300yen per every 12hrs..
  • *Tax included.
  • Light motor vehicles are the same fee as standard-sized cars.

Fee calculator

Fee calculator

Input vehicle type, time of arrival, and time of departure, then click the Calculate Fee button.
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Vehicle model
Standard-sized cars (including light motor vehicles) Two-wheeled vehicles 大型車

Click the field and select the date from the calendar displayed.

Time of arrival
Your parking fee is

Long-term parking (cautions)

Parking lot management regulations generally prohibit parking for over 20 days.
Please apply a request with the Management Office in advance if you wish to park your vehicle for longer than 20 days.
Cars that have been parked long-term without permission, we will dispose of your vihicle three months after warning.

*Please refer to the Parking Management Regulations PDF for more information.

Fee discount system

Parking of disability Customers who have the following certifications will have 50% discount on parking fee.Before you leave the airport, please show your certification at the Tourism & General Information Desk on the 1st floor.

○Certification of disability
○Certification of rehabilitation of children w/ disabilities
○Health & Welfare certification of mental disability
○Wounded war veteran certification
○Atomic bomb victim health certification

  • *Special parking spaces for handicapped visitors are available near the Domestic and International Terminals.
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