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Kagoshima Prefecture is a charming place with diversenatural features, including the sea, islands, volcanoes,and plateaus.Many Kagoshima travelers also findfascination in the food nurtured by this rich nature, thehistory that has greatly influenced the course of Japan,and the traditional crafts that have been carefullypassed down through generations.
Whether you are looking for an awe-inspiring sight, ahot spring to heal your body, or simply delicious food toenjoy, a visit to Kagoshima will surelysatisfy your heartand soul.A visit to YOKATOKO KAGOSHIMA will surely satisfyyour heart.

Ogawa Falls

Ogawa Falls 

A mysterious space created by the emerald-green waterfall basin

Osumi Area 



Kagoshima's gourmet and shopping hub 

Nakasatsuma Area 

Sogi Falls Park

Sogi Falls Park 

A spiritual spot with a spectacular view 

Kirishima/Aira Area 

Kirishima-Jingu Shrine

Kirishima-Jingu Shrine 

One of the most famous spiritual spots in Kirishima. The gorgeous shrine solemnly stands in the midst of rich nature. 

Kirishima/Aira Area 

Shiroyama Park

Shiroyama Park (The Observatory and Promenade) 

A popular spot with a beautiful view of Sakurajima 

Nakasatsuma Area 

Myoken Onsen

Myoken Onsen (Hot Springs) 

Enjoy an open-air bath surrounded by deep greenery while listening to the murmuring of the river. 

Kirishima/Aira Area 

If you would like to know more about travels in Kagoshima, please click below to visit
the Kagoshima Prefecture tourism website"Discover Kagoshima Official Travel Guide." 

Kagoshima Airport Tourist and General Information Center recommended hotel

Kagoshima area

Hotel Lexton Kagoshima 099-222-0505
HOTEL NEW NISHINO 099-224-3232
Nanshukan 099-226-8188
Dormy Inn Kagoshima 099-216-5489
【Kagoshima Central Station】
Hotel Gasthof 099-252-1401
SHIROYAMA HOTEL kagoshima 099-224-2211
Kagoshima Sun Royal Hotel 099-253-2020

Kirishima area


Hotel Kirishima Castle 0995-78-2211
Ryotei Ryokan Takechiyo Kirishima Bettei 0995-64-8008
LA VISTA Kirishima Hills 0995-64-4321


Myoken Ishiharaso 0995-77-2111
Myoken Tanaka kan 0995-77-2311


Hotel Kyocera 0995-43-7112
ONSEN GARDEN Yumotoan Kiyohime 0995-73-8338

Ibusuki area

Ibusuki Iwasaki Hotel 0993-22-2131
Ibusuki Phoenix Hotel 0993-23-4111
Ibusuki Hakusuikan 0993-22-3131
Ibusuki Seaside Hotel 0993-23-3111
Ibusuki Syusuien 0993-23-4141

Recommended Golf Courses at the Tourist Information Center

Golf course

We introduce recommended golf courses in Kagoshima.
Brochures are also available, so please feel free to ask the staff at the Tourist Information Center.

Mizobe Country Club 0995-59-3711
Kedouin Resort

0996-55-1160(Kedouin Golf Club)
Reserve center


Kagoshima Airport 36 Country Club

Reservation phone 0995-72-1084