Kagoshima Airport

Taxi Stand Information

A cab stand is located outside of Exit 2 at the Domestic Terminal.Please feel free to contact us at the Tourist and General Information Center, as we will guide you through convenient and comfortable sightseeing taxis for sightseeing in Kagoshima.

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Approximate travel time and fare to major destinations by taxi


Kajiki.St about 15 minutes(About 10km) 3350 Yen
Kokubu St about 25 minutes(About 12km) 3750 yen
Kagoshima Central Station about 40 minutes(About 42km) 13200 Yen
Kanoya City about 100 minutes(About 84km) 26550 Yen
Satsumasendai City about 70 minutes(About 52km) 16350 Yen

* Distances shown are approximate.
* Travel time and fees may change depending on road conditions.Please note.
* For inquiries about taxis, please contact the following.

   ASAHI KOTSU TAXI                                         0995-45-1111

   ARIMURA KANKOU TAXI                                  0995-42-1101

   DAIICHI KOUTSU TAXI                                    0995-66-1000

   NAKAMURA TAXI                                             0995-43-3333

Taxis recommended by the Tourist Information Center

Recommended sightseeing taxi

How about a convenient and comfortable sightseeing taxi for sightseeing in Kagoshima? There is also a sightseeing model course recommended by the staff at the information center.
For more information, please feel free to ask at the tourist/general information center.

ASAHI KOTSU TAXI 0995-45-1111
NANGOKU TAXI 099-222-6151