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Internet & mobile phone chargers

SIM card vending machine

Service contents

◆ Charge: 3, 200 yen (tax included) / 7 days

◆ Capacity:
Up to 100MB of data communication per day can be used at a maximum speed of 788Mbps. If 100MB is exceeded, the communication speed is capped at a maximum of 200kbps.

◆ Hours of operation: during opening the international building

◆ More info:
  NTT Communications Prepaid SIM for JAPAN




Free public wireless LAN internet(available throughout the terminal )

Kagoshima Airport offers wireless LAN service to provide free internet access to our visitors with smartphones & laptops with wireless LAN support.

Please register after choosing SSID:『Kagoshima-Airport_Wi-Fi』

Points of note
  • Visitors can access the internet after registering their user information. Device connects once every 60 minutes; connections are unlimited. *It is not necessary to register for subsequent log-ons.
  • No device or software support shall be provided from NTT BP when using the service. Please contact the manufacturers of the individual devices or software.
  • Please be aware that internet service may be periodically unavailable due to equipment maintenance.


【NTT BP Information Desk】
(Weekdays 10:00 - 17:00、Open year round, except for Saturdays, Sundays, & holidays)

Other wireless LAN internet services

Available wireless LAN internet services

「NTT SPOT」,「docomo Wi-Fi」,「HOT SPOT」,
「UQ Wi-Fi」,「WILLCOM」,「SoftBank」

Points of note
  • Customers must agree to the terms of service before using the service.
  • Please be aware that connection speeds may be slow and access unavailable depending on device & position when using the free LAN.
  • For inquiries regarding member-exclusive wireless LAN services, please contact the applicable communications companies.
  • Using wireless radio wave transmissions poses the risk of a third party intercepting your transmission. Communications that contain vital information are sent at your own risk.

PC desks (free spaces)

These spaces are available for you to use your own PC terminals.

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