Information on our facilities

To visitors with physical disabilities


Wheelchairs are available at the entrance to the terminal buildings.

Wheel walker for the elderly

Wheel walker for the elderly is available at the entrance of domestic terminal.

Parking spaces reserved for disabled visitors (parking lot)

Special parking spaces reserved for disabled visitors are available in two locations: beside the Domestic Terminal, and beside the International Terminal.

Platform for disabled visitors

Designated as the location closest to the terminal building.

Multipurpose restrooms

Multipurpose restrooms are located throughout the building.
They are available for the use of visitors with wheelchairs, those with colostomies, seniors, those traveling with small children, and others.

Elevators & escalators

Braille, audio, & handrail assistance available.

Moving sidewalk

Moving sidewalks available for those who have difficulty walking long distances.

Wheelchairs for foot baths

A lifting wheelchair is available for visitors with wheelchairs who wish to use the foot baths.
If you would like to use the lifting wheelchair, please inquire at the Tourism & General Information Office on the 1st floor of the domestic terminal.

Braille blocks; Braille signs

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