Kagoshima Airport

Contact information

Flight-related inquiries

For concerns regarding aircraft operating conditions, airfare, flight vacancies, reservations, and baggage, as well as for inquiries regarding items lost on flights, please contact the airline you used directly.

Carriers operating in Kagoshima Airport

○Domestic routes
ANA All Nippon Airways 0570-029-222
JAL Japan Airlines 0570-025-071
JAC Japan Air Commuter 0570-025-071
SKY Skymark Airlines 0570-051-330
SNA Solaseed Air 0570-037-283
FDA Fuji Dream Airlines 0570-55-0489
APJ Peach Aviation 0570-200-489
JJP Jetstar Japan 0570-550-538
○International routes
KAL Korean Air (Seoul) 0088-21-2001
CES China Eastern Airlines (Shanghai) 099-219-8888
CAL China Airlines (Taiwan) 099-296-1450
CRK Hong Kong Airlines (Hong Kong) +852-3916-3666 (international call)
HKE Hong Kong Express (Hong Kong) www.hkexpress.com
ESR EASTERJET(Seoul) www.eastarjet.com

Bus-related inquiries

Kagoshima Airport Bus Information CenterTEL:0995-58-4871

Please refer to the homepage of each bus company for contact information.

Inquiries regarding lodging, rental cars, & taxis

Tourism & General Information OfficeTEL:0995-58-4133

→Tourism & General Information Office

Inquiries regarding lost & forgotten items

Inquiries regarding items that were lost or forgotten inside Kagoshima Airport

Kagoshima Airport Building Security & Disaster Prevention CenterTEL:0995-73-3332

Items lost or forgotten inside an aircraft

Please contact the airline directly.

ANA 0995-58-2221
JAL・JAC 0570-025-071
Solaseed Air 03-6428-9081
Fuji Dream Airlines 0570-55-0489
Skymark Airlines 0995-64-1160
Peach Aviation Please check applicable websites for contact information.
Jetstar Japan Please check applicable websites for contact information.

Paging & airport information

Visitors inside the airport can be paged.
Airport information (inquiries regarding airport facilities & services)

Tourism & General Information Office


Inquiries from our homepage

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  • Transportation information
  • Information on jobs & employment at Kagoshima Airport
  • Requests to send airport maps & pamphlets by mail
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