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ForFor YAKUSHIMA [26 Mar - 7 May]

Airline Flight Code Destination Dep. Arrv. Remarks
3741 YAKUSHIMA 8:50 9:25 Apr.26th-30th Arrive 5minutes late.
May.1st-7th Depart 20minutes early, Arrive 15minutes early.
3743 YAKUSHIMA 10:10 10:45 Mar.26th-Apr.25th No operation.
Apr.26th-30th Depart 5minutes late.
3745 YAKUSHIMA 12:15 12:50 Apr.26th-30th Depart 5minutes late.
May.1st-7th No operation.
3997 YAKUSHIMA 12:30 13:05 May.3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th Operation.
3755 YAKUSHIMA 14:50 15:30 Mar.26th-31st, Apr.15th-25th Depart 45minutes late.
Apr.1st-14th No operation.
Apr.26th-30th Depart 10minutes late, Arrive 5mimutes late.
May.1st-7th Arrive 5minutes early.
3757 YAKUSHIMA 16:05 16:40 May.1st-7th Operation.
3759 YAKUSHIMA 17:00 17:35
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